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Cremation Services in Coral Gables

cremation services in coral gables, florida

Why Choose Cremation Services with Ferdinand

in Coral Gables, FL
Cremation Services in Coral Gables, FL

In 2016, an estimated four of every 9-10 deaths in America involved cremation; a statistic which represents significant increase throughout the past few decades. Among the many reasons to the growing number of people choosing cremation over the traditional casketed ground burial or entombment is growing religious acceptance (among many religions and denominations), weakening adherence to family traditions, and a progressively mobile society.

Our staff here at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory explores four substantial facets of cremation to help in your decision: is this form of final body disposition is right for you or your loved one?


Cremation is commonly much less expensive than the traditional burial with a casketed interment below ground. In fact, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the national average cost of cremation is roughly one-sixth of the cost of a funeral-burial combination. Contrarily, it is possible to spend a fortune, should you or the family decide on a handcrafted, unique urn by an overseas artist. It is important to remember that cremation is not an alternative or a rejection of a funeral, memorial service, visitation, or even a viewing—it is merely one form of the final disposition of the body. In other words, you can still hold any ceremony you want. Many have opted for cremation for this very reason alone, as it enables survivors to focus on their grief without dealing with the innumerable details needed to swiftly arrange a funeral and committal service.

Flexible Service Options

The human body begins a decomposition process immediately following death unless it is professionally embalmed to slow the decay. That said, a funeral or memorial service with the body present (open casket) and burial must occur fairly soon after death. In most circumstances, immediate family is responsible for arrangements which include dates, times, timeline, physical remains disposition and committal services (for traditional burials), choosing pallbearers, scriptures or various readings, providing out-of-town information to loved ones timely for travel, etc.; services generally occur within four to six days after the death, mitigating details aside. This is all very, very overwhelming; especially given the pressing timeframe. In contrast, when a body is cremated, there is no need to adhere to a strict and urgent timeframe. In fact, it is common for the immediate family to hold a private viewing and/or to witness the cremation process and take the time to organize a funeral or memorial service weeks, months or even years later. Often times, this leads to a more upbeat, “life celebration” ceremony due to the grieving process being further along.

Cremation is “green”

Cremation has long been considered more Earth-friendly than a traditional funeral and burial. Why? Traditional funerals typically include a viewing, which involves the use of a formaldehyde-based embalming fluid and strong chemicals, as well land use when for the burial plot—land being an obviously finite resource. With cremation, the remains (ashes) do not require any land use at all, since they are typically kept in an urn in one’s home or scattered in a meaningful location. Even for those who want to bury the urn or place it in a columbarium, less land is required than the plot size needed to bury a casket.


There are basically two camps of survivors who choose or honor cremation for their deceased loved one: the side who wants to keep the urn at home and the side who wants to scatter the ashes as a symbolic gesture. The truth is, both of these options are symbolic in nature. One hinges on the symbolic freeing of one’s spirit and the other is about remaining connected to the person through remaining n close proximity to the remains. Neither option is better than the other—this has to do with what works best for you family. Take time to make this decision. The staff at Ferdinand insists on gently reminding all future and current clients: you cannot go back and redo this. Not sure if and where you would want to scatter the ashes? Give our team a call at 305.631.0001; we can help you with this. For now, begin thinking about your loved one’s favorite places, activities, etc. If you are working on a pre-plan for your own after-death services, brainstorm along the same vein: where is your favorite place and why? What activities do you most enjoy, etc.?

Here at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory, we would be so honored to assist you with your loved one’s cremation and final arrangements. Our services extend to include grief counseling, support throughout the year following your loss, and so much more. Please give us a call—we looked forward to assisting you.