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Cremation Services in Key Biscayne, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

The death of a loved one brings about an onslaught of emotions and questions. Many of these circle around what will be done with the physical remains and how can the family best honor the life of the deceased. Our team at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory has a heart for the community here in Key Biscayne, FL. We want you to feel informed and empowered during Life’s difficult transition during and after the loss of someone important to you.

  • What is cremation?Cremation refers only to the final disposition of your loved one’s physical remains. During cremation, the body is burned and vaporized at high temperatures until only the ashes (cremains) are left—which are the powdered remains from the bones.  
  • Does my religion accept cremation?Most religions permit cremation, even recommend it. We recommend you consult your religious advisor to determine appropriateness. If you need guidance or resources in this area, please call our staff and we will help you find the answer to this question.
  • How can I be sure the ashes I receive are those of my loved one?At Ferdinand, we follow very strict internal procedures to ensure the integrity and proper identification of the deceased during the cremation process, from start to finish. Further, we follow very clear laws in the state of Florida regarding the cremation process (for specific laws, reference:  Rest assured, under no circumstance will we breach your trust. Identification will be established at the place of death before your loved one is in our care and proper identification will be fastened to the body to be checked and rechecked against all paperwork and ID tags (if applicable).
  • What is the cremation processCremation is a closely regulated process. This following is a snapshot of what to expect: - Qualified and sympathetic funeral director - Skilled and kind staff - Transfer of the body from the place of death to our facility, climate-controlled per death-care regulations - Positive identification of the deceased - The actual process of cremation here in our on-site crematory - Delivery of cremains in the selected container - The filing all necessary paperwork: Certificate of Death, Social Security, Veterans Benefits (whenever applicable), Cremation Permit - Assistance in creating and submitting an obituary - 365 days of grief management resources and support - The arrangement of funeral or memorial services, visitation, etc.—which can be before or after cremation is completed
  • May I witness the cremation process?Yes, absolutely. We just need to know in advance so we can arrange with you the date and time that works best.
  • What if I want to combine a memorial service with cremation?Great—we encourage this. The memorial service or funeral and visitation time is an important step in the process of healing and acknowledging an altered lifestyle without your loved one. The advantage of cremation is that it offers flexibility.
  • I am/my deceased loved one is a Veteran; do Veterans Benefits apply to cremation?You can visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website for the most current information here. Further, we can assist you in organizing exactly what you need for you advanced preparation or the Veteran decedent's arrangement.
  • Where can we scatter my loved one’s ashes?In all 50 states, scattering is legal. Some states, however, require special permits, especially at state and national parks. Wherever you choose to scatter the ashes of your loved one, just be sure to check the proper channels for requirements prior to doing so. Our staff can help direct you where to seek appropriate permission.
  • I’m pre-planning; how can I be sure my wishes are honored?At Ferdinand, we strongly encourage individuals to pre-plan their own death care. In doing so, you outline exactly what you want and do not want and legally protect your wishes from changes post-death. Further, this eliminates the potential for disagreements among the survivors which, when emotions are high, can escalate quickly.
  • Why choose Ferdinand for cremation services?The funeral homes in and around Key Biscayne, FL, often subcontract to off-site crematories At Ferdinand, our crematory operates right here in the privacy of our own facility. This offers the survivors of the deceased the assurance that your loved one will not leave our care. The ashes returned to you will be those of your loved one. This is our guarantee to you and is upheld by strict internal regulations and the law.

At Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory, we will help you pay homage to your loved one and guide you through the final arrangements, services, and cremation processes. Our services are multi-faceted and include grief counseling, support in the year to follow your loss, and so much more. Please give us a call—it will be our honor to serve your family during life’s most difficult time.

Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory in Florida shares you some Tips How to Scatter Ashes

You may have visions of scattering your loved one's ashes in a beautiful location. Restoring a loved one to natural environment in this way can be a wonderful, ceremonial, and healing experience. You can sprinkle ashes by blowing them out of a scattering tube into the wind. Other options include scattering the ashes at the beach and letting the tide wash them away, or creating a colorful garden feature.

Because scattering ashes is something you might only do once as well as twice in your life, it's valuable doing some research ahead of time. Because of its relative ease and usefulness, cremation ash casting is the most common type of ash scattering. You can scatter your loved one's ashes to the wind pretty much wherever you can stand or walk your arm. Make sure the wind is blowing away from family and friends before holding the tube at waist height and scattering the ashes. When the tide is out, dig a shallow hole on the beach, pour in the ashes, and cover with sand. You can also visit this post for more information about Scattering Ashes.