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Looking for Cremations in Miami, FL?

Cremations in Miami, FL

Fifty years ago, only a small percentage of Americans chose cremation as their after-death plan. Today, though, this option is much more widely accepted than in previous decades. In fact, 4 of every 10 deaths in the United States involve cremation; a significant increase over the last three decades.

Here at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory, we have answered the question, “why cremation services instead of a traditional burial?” many, many times. 

Here are a Handful of Reasons this Option is Growing in Acceptance:

  • Affordability for the budget conscious
  • Flexible memorial/funeral service options (arrangement deadlines are significantly less pressing
  • Environmental concerns
  • Religious restrictions diminishing, religious landscape changes
  • Demographic and economic factors—families are no longer remaining “on the home front” or in the same hometown anymore

Here at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory, we make your family and deceased loved one our top priority and reverently provide in-house cremation services. Most funeral homes in and around the Miami area subcontract crematories located off-site, in industrial parks dedicated to handling remains from all over. At Ferdinand, our crematory is nestled right here in the privacy of our funeral home. This offers the survivors of the deceased the assurances you deserve in this difficult time: your loved one will never leave our care and the cremains (ashes) returned to you are those of your loved one, guarded with the utmost integrity and reverence.

What is Cremation?

Cremation refers only to the manner in which your loved one has chosen to deal with his or her physical remains. Specifically, cremation is the process of burning the physical remains of the deceased to cremains. This is an alternative option to a traditional burial or entombment, although some families will still bury the ashes on private property.

What Makes Cremation with Ferdinand Unique?

As mentioned, Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory offers private, on-site crematory services to ensure the integrity of the remains is held to the highest standard. Further, what makes our team unique is the long line of tradition in death services dating back to 1857. 

What Do the Survivors So With the Ashes?

The human body yields three to nine pounds of cremains (ashes) which are then buried, scattered, or retained by family (sometimes in divided proportions for each member). In the past 10 years or so, more and more creative and cathartic options with cremains have become popularized:

  • Decorative urn to be kept in the home
  • Included in a piece of jewelry or synthetic gem
  • Stored in an hour glass
  • Used to create artwork
  • Sowed into a memorial garden
  • Stored securely in a columbarium

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a relatively unfamiliar term to many. It is a funereal vault designed with walls and recesses for the inurnment of cremains—much like a mausoleum for urns. There are typically numerous small compartments/niches designed to hold urns of ashes of the deceased. 

Where Can Ashes Be Scattered?

Contrary to what many believe,

  • Private property? Not without permission from the landowner.
  • Public spaces? Typically, places like theme parks and sports facilities do not allow the scattering of cremains. Always seek permission.
  • National parks? Often, national park and recreation area require a permit and are typically required to be scattered 100 yards or more away from public roads.
  • At sea? The watercraft must be at least three nautical miles from the shoreline and scattering must be reported to ETA. If on a public ship, permission should be requested due to sanitation rules and regulations.
  • By air? There are altitude restrictions in some areas. Also, many states forbid scattering of ashes over densely populated areas and water.

Have more questions about cremation services? Your questions and concerns are our priority at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory. It would be our honor to be your family’s trusted resource for cremation services. If you're ready to discuss the options, give us a call. You can reach us anytime—day or night—at: 305-631-0001.