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Cremations in North Miami

Cremations in North Miami, FL

Final Wish: Cremation Services in North Miami, FL

There are countless reasons a family will choose cremation for their deceased loved one. Our job here at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory is to support you in this decision and provide you with professional guidance, unbiased support planning, and kind resources for the difficult days and months ahead.

Why cremation services instead of a traditional burial? 

We have been asked this question many, many times here at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory. For your peace of mind, we offer you some of the most common answers: 

  • Final wishes: in many, many cases, the decision to cremate was made by the deceased during their lifetime in pre-planning, a will, or through communication with their trusted loved ones.
  • Affordability:  cremation services run thousands of dollars less than traditional burial services, especially with facilities which offer and on-site crematory (as we do, here at Ferdinand). And, cremation can still be combined with the same lovely memorial service you envision with all the unique décor and tributes your loved one deserves.
  • Flexible memorial/funeral service options: when cremation is chosen as the final disposition of the remains, time is no longer pressing on the family to arrange services (as preserving the body is not a concern). For some, this means they can take their time to plan arrangements amidst the grief and everyday life which, unfortunately, does not pause.
  • Environmental concerns: traditional burials involve the use of powerful chemicals and formaldehyde, as well as land usage which is a finite resource. 
  • Religious restrictions diminishing, religious landscape changes: in years past, select religions and denominations outwardly prohibited or discouraged the cremation of the deceased while other religions have encouraged this practice. Much of the hesitation has lifted worldwide, as progressive lifestyles unfold. For example, the Catholic Church lifted its ban on cremation in 1963 (though it still advises that the deceased’s body be present during funeral services). Whatever you choose—whatever your beliefs—Ferdinand will be pleased to assist. 
  • Demographic and economic factors: families are no longer remaining “on the home front” or in the same hometown anymore. This has led to a weakened sense of geographical roots and a freedom in selecting after-death arrangements and services.

The cremation process

Cremation itself is a highly regulated and straightforward process:

  • Professional and compassionate funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of the body from the place of death to our care center, which is climate-controlled per death-care regulations and licensed
  • Positive identification
  • The actual process of cremation here in our on-site crematory
  • Delivery of cremains in a selected container 
  • Filing all necessary paperwork: Certificate of Death, Social Security, Veterans Benefits (whenever applicable), Cremation Permit
  • Assistance in creating and submitting an obituary
  • 365 days of grief management resources and support
  • Arrangement of ceremonies—funeral or memorial services, visitation, etc.—which can be before or after cremation is completed

Why choose Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory?

Most funeral homes in and around North Miami, FL, will subcontract to off-site crematories in industrial parks nearby. At Ferdinand, our crematory is fixed right here in the privacy of our facility. This offers the survivors of the deceased an assurance during this difficult time: your loved one will never leave our care and the ashes returned to you will be those of your loved one. We guard this guarantee to the highest degree.

Here at Ferdinand, we will make your family and deceased loved one—and the arrangements you see fit—our very top priority. We commit to reverently providing in-house cremation services, the memorial service you envision, and extended grief resources. Do you have further questions about cremation services for your loved one of for your own pre-plan? We prioritize all questions and concerns at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory—we want you to feel comfortable and at peace with all decisions regarding this uniquely difficult time.

It will be our honor to earn your business and trust and celebrate the life of your loved. When you are ready to discuss options, please give us a call. We can be reached anytime—day or night—at: 305-631-0001.