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funeral home in north miami florida

Looking for a Funeral Home in North Miami, FL?

Funeral Home in North Miami, FL

Honoring the deceased’s final wishes regarding post-death arrangements is so very important to those affected most intimately by the loss. Here in North Miami, our trained and professional staff at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory, we have the unique honor of encouraging, guiding, and seeing families through the process of funeral/memorial services, burial/entombment or cremation. There is no one correct way to grieve and we are obliged to assist.

Whether the death was foreseen or sudden, logistics to follow can feel impersonal and burdensome in the face of overwhelming emotions—this is why Ferdinand chose this business: to be the gracious support and logistical minds behind the ceremony your loved one deserves.

How can we help you? This is the question and position from which we will always operate—what does your family need from us? 

The services we offer you and yours are:

  • Funeral services: a ceremony of proven worth and value for those who mourn. Typically, the body of the deceased will be present and are held immediately after the death (within 4-5 days).  This provides the loved ones of the deceased the special opportunity to gather together to express their love, respect, and grief while facing the reality of the death—the first major step toward emotional adjustment to life after loss.
  • Memorial services: similar to funeral services, but usually do not involve the presence of the body. They may include the presence of an urn, if cremation was chosen. Because the body is not present, this ceremony does not have to immediately follow the death and typically takes on a less formal feel. In fact, it can be held weeks, months, even years following the loss.
  • Pre-plan option: more and more individuals are opting to take control of planning their final arrangements to lessen the burden on survivors.
  • Veteran funerals: because the men and women who have served our nation embody the ideals we all hold so dear, Ferdinand honors the customs and special presentations they deserve: 21 Rifle Salute, Flag Presentation Ceremony, Graveside Ceremony in any of the 131 National Cemeteries across the country, and/or the playing of Taps.
  • Repatriation service: for those wishing to return to their homeland, we are experienced in domestic and international transportation logistics, consulate documentation, apostille certifications, and translation of all pertinent documents.
  • Cremation: our state-of-the-art crematorium is here, on-site. This means your loved one will not leave our care to be transported to a cremation facility and then returned. An on-site facility is uncommon and ensures the integrity of your loved one’s remains.
  • Permanent memorialization: our staff can help you find the perfect resting place for the deceased’s body or cremains. Cemeteries, mausoleums, or cremation gardens are three beautiful options for your family to have a visiting place as a focal point of memorialization. Having a permanent place to visit provides survivors with an anchor to their past and memories.
  • Online support: grief support groups, online counseling services, 365 days of email affirmations (preview Day 1 of these daily emails here, and interactive videos in the months following your loss are some of the many resources you have with Ferdinand.
  • Round-the-clock contact: day or night, someone is here to answer your call when there is a death in your family. Not sure of the first steps to take? Call us and we will guide you through what is needed and get you through this difficult time. Give us a call to at (305) 631-0001. If you require immediate assistance, one of our professionals will be there within the hour.

Why choose Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory?

It is not by chance our company has become the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences and memorable memorial services with the North Miami community. Our four-generation long tradition in funeral and post-death services dates back to 1857 when the first family-owned funeral home opened. Seeing families through difficult times is not just what we do, it is who we are; our legacy and life callings of community servitude. The death care industry is very special to us—we know what it is to mourn and to desperately search for guidance in the toughest of time. When we are granted the honor of alleviating stress and provide guidance to someone grieving their loved one, our mission is realized—again and again.

It is so important to allow yourself time to acknowledge the uniqueness of your loved one’s life and the special impact he/she had on others. Honoring life is our specialty. We will ensure the arrangements we solidify together tailored to the deceased, with all their unique qualities leading the way. Whenever you need us, our staff at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory is here for you.

Discover North Miami, FL

Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory is proud to offer North Miami, FL funeral home. If you call North Miami your home, you can rely on us to keep your loved one in complete care at all times.

Our North Miami, FL funeral home includes life celebrations, on-site crematory, traditions and religious ceremonies, preplanning, burials, funerals, receptions, and more. Our 24/7 funeral home allows you to have the service you need when you need them the most.